Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Each year Tyson has a music program and each year they are absolutely precious.  This year was no exception.  The entire 2nd grade performed songs along with reading from the book Bear Stays Up.
Tyson was dressed as a Christmas tree.  He sang, he danced, and he had a speaking part.  But the best part is that he smiled the entire time.  Sometimes my Buddy gets a little too focused on being perfect and forgets to have a good time.  Not sure where he gets that annoying habit.

 Check out the shoes.  As soon as the dress code was announced for the program Tyson came home and told me he wanted to wear his nice black slacks and his dress shoes.  Apparently his dance partner did not feel the same.


 Our sweet friends and neighbors.  Adam and Tyler are two of Tyson's favorite people.  He invited them and they both left work early to get home in time for his performance.  Madison even came (she's Tyler's little sister who watches the kids sometimes).  Most kids had lots of peeps and family in the audience.  So it was nice for Tyson to have his own cheering section since we didn't have any family in town for the show.

 He looked so grown up!!!

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