Thursday, December 29, 2011

The best part of Christmas Day.......

We spent Christmas Day just hanging out.  It was quite relaxing!  The kids wanted to play with all of their new toys and the grown-ups were pooped out. We made leftover ham and just enjoyed being together.

 Tyson trying out his new remote control truck from Jenn and Chris.

 Em and Grace relaxing.

 Buddy LOVING his new Kindle.  He started his first book on that day and finished it three days later.

 That much blond hair shouldn't be allowed in one picture.

 We watched Dolphin Tale later that afternoon.  And when I say "we" I mean EVERY body, dolls, pigs, and frogs.

As you can see it was a good movie and everyone was into it!

Thankful for a fabulous Christmas with my hubby, my kiddos and my parents......all that was missing was Jenn.  I think she is still recovering from Thanksgiving.

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