Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Recovery

Emerson's tonsillectomy couldn't have gone smoother.  We arrived at the Surgery center at 6am, and Em was pretty content to go along.  She didn't have a clear understanding of what was going to happen.

 Clearly Daddy did.  He looks like he's about to "toss his cookies."  Her only request was she wanted to have "lovee bunny" with her.  Her doctor came in a talked to us while we were in pre-op than the  anesthesiologist came it to discuss her sedation.  THEN the nurse came in to get and take her back.  She teared up a bit when she realized we couldn't go with her.  But my Emmy is tough, she asked nurse Shelly to "carry her" and she was off.  After I finished crying (because I'm a baby like that) Paul and I went and sat in the waiting area.  About 10 minutes later her doctor came to talk with us and informed us that he was finished, she was starting to wake up in recovery and yes those tonsils and adenoids were HUGE and needed to come out.

Fast forward about two hours and we were home.  Em slept off the rest of the anesthesia and woke up feeling pretty good.  We kept her pains meds and her antibitoics on schedule.   The rest of that day was filled with popsicles,  surprise visits from neighbors with gifts for Em and a special delivery from Grandma.  Mom and Dad sent her a balloon bouquet with flowers and a super cute teddy bear than Em has yet to not sleep with.

Em spent the next four days taking it easy.  She had no complications other than her side affects from the hydrocodone.   Turns out codeine doesn't knock every one out.  Who knew?  It actually had the very opposite affect on Em.  It made the pain go away but it also made her very hyper and extremely angry.  Day 4 after surgery we began to ween her off the strong stuff and got her on just plain Tylenol.  It made a world of difference.  Emmy was back to her old self pretty quick.  She went back to school on Tuesday, mostly because she really wanted to go back.  And because she "knew her friends and her teachers missed her."

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