Saturday, October 15, 2011

Go Eagles!

My kids have never been to a high school football fact I'm sure I hadn't been to a high school game since I was in high school 4, 5 or 16 years ago.  But who's counting?  Anyway, when my friend Tyler asked if we wanted to go to her sister Madison's game the kids couldn't wait.  My kids LOVE Madison.  She's the coolest 17 year old they know......possibly the only one they know.

The kids really enjoyed the whole experience.  It's a small private school so the game was on a small field and we were able to sit really close. 

Em even caught her first spirit stick!

Madison took the kids out onto the field at halftime. 

She told Em to wear her cheerleading uniform and of course she got use the "real cheerleader pom poms."  

Not bad for a first Friday Night Football experience!

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