Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life Lessons

This morning was like any other Saturday morning with the exception of the death conversation after breakfast.  As I was making breakfast I looked over at Goldie (the pet goldfish Em had received as a birthday party favor a month ago) and noticed she was floating looking up at me.  A floating fish is never a good sign.  I quickly called Paul over to take a look and we agreed we would tell her after she ate and simply explain that "goldfish don't live forever."  No big deal.  I also had planned in my head that I would NOT be purchasing another fish.  After all I was the one feeding it, changing the water and cleaning those dang little rocks every week. sweet, over sensitive, emotional and a little on the dramatic side daughter took Goldie's death extremely hard.  So hard that when she asked if she could get another fish as giant tears fell down her little face I folded like a cheap suit.  "Of course we can sweetheart, we can get a few.  We'll go to Petsmart this afternoon."  Sucker.

Meet Sam the Betta Fish along with 2 snails and one water snake thing.


  1. At least a Betta fish will last longer than a goldfish. You can just stick a plant in there and they will off of that :) Poor Emmy....She looks like she's over the goldfish dying so that's good.

  2. Oh Jill, I'm laughing out loud right now. I just love Em's smile in the picture. You're a great mom....and a sucker ;)