Friday, October 28, 2011

BATTY for Halloween crafts

I love making crafts with the kids.  Paul has been out of town all week, so I've been the entire entertainment committee in the evenings.  When I saw these online I knew we HAD to make them.  Tyson and Em LOVE to paint.  I thought they would make cute little teacher gifts too.

BAT-O-LANTERNS!!!  Aren't they spOOky?!?

One quick trip to Hobby Lobby (Does anyone else make weekly trips to the Hob?  I seriously need help) to get a few materials.  Small pumpkins courtesy of the local pumpkin patch.  And a few staples from my craft closet.  Bring on the bats!

Let your little punkins paint their hearts acrylic paint is kind of scary since it's so permanent.  I put several sheets of white paper down to protect to my kitchen table.

Now, I apologize for the lack of pictures on the next steps.  I was knee deep in craft foam and duct tape and I forgot to take pictures.

Next, let the pumpkins dry.  Then cut wings, ears, and eyes out of craft foam.  I used a whole punch to make eyeballs from the white craft foam.  I attached toothpicks with black duct tape to the wings and ears and stuck them in the pumpkins.  


Ta da!!!!!!!!!

Now my dining room table has a colony of bats living on it. 

Bring on Halloween!!!!

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