Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some of my faves from our vacation.......

I have this annoying habit of taking WAY too many pictures at any certain event. I took over 150 pictures in the 2 and a half days we were in Marble Falls. I have a hard time narrowing down for this blog. These next few are my favorites for different reasons.

I love this one because she looks adorable in hats but I absolutely love the sun kissed color of her skin after all day at the pool.

My baby boy is so handsome and so grown up looking. I love that he posed with us hands on his hips and one leg slightly bent. I wish I could say I told him to do that. I just said "go stand in from of the water fall."

Just love it!

I love this one because they BOTH look so genuinely happy.

Her cheek bones stand out to me here and I love 'em!

This one is my most favorite. Paul always says he hopes Buddy never gets too old for kisses from his Daddy. I love the fact that Paul is so affectionate with Tyson. I hope it's always this way!!!

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