Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Part II for your blog Mommy."

Remember the caterpillars Tyson caught last month.

Well........ after eating lots and lots of my parsley they stuffed themselves silly and attached themselves to some sticks Tyson had placed in the container and formed their chrysalises. Then he moved the sticks and put them outside under a larger net. Then after a couple more weeks they opened this morning into beautiful butterflies.

This one literally hatched out of it right in front of our eyes. "Mother nature is pretty cool, right Mommy?" Yeah, Buddy it is. It really is.

Tyson insisted they needed some nectar to get strength to fly away. He suggested an orange.

Almost ready to leave the patio.

He was so proud of his nature experiment. He loves this type of thing. And I love the fact that he would rather be learning about insects outside instead of sitting on the couch glued to some video game.

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