Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spur of the Moment

Just last week Paul and I were talking and realized that summer is coming to a rapid end and we hadn't really taken a family vacation. There had been a trip to the beach house (but Paul didn't come), and Tyson had gone to Mom's and there had been a few trips to the river; but we just hadn't gone anywhere as a family. So with some quick research on the Internet we came up with the Horeshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls. They had some great summer specials and it was just an hour away. So Paul scheduled some vacation days and we packed without telling the kids. When they woke up Wednesday morning we surprised them with the news. They were PUMPED!!!

We had so much fun. We just relaxed and played in the different pools the resort had to offer. We explored every evening......they had cool birds, a flamingo, fish and one morning an animal expert came out with even more bird and some cool turtles. We ate some delicious food one night in the hotel restaurant and ate lunch by the pool the next. We didn't bring any portable CD players. I told Paul I didn't want the kids watching movies in the evenings. I wanted family time. So we brought dominoes, coloring books and we even played Charades one night (that was an experience in itself) but the the kids really enjoyed our undivided attention.

They are celebrating because I gave them the "all clear" to jump on the bed..........since we're in a hotel. You would have thought I just bought out Toy R Us, they were so excited.

My kids just love hanging out is hotel lobbies

All greased up and ready for the pool

Tyson even took off the life jacket and made some major progress in the swimming department. Like everything else with has to come when HE is ready.

the guys playing by the waterfall

Tyson got brave enough to hold the tortoises

Always ready for a photo op

Everywhere Tyson went Emmy had to follow, this makes me nervous because my sweet Emmy is quiet clumsy.

The kids loved talking to the parrots.

They had s'mores on the lawn for the kids at night

Waiting on the golf cart shuttle to take us down to the Yacht Club Pool

Paul and his water babies

Em playing at the beach at the Yacht Club resort

........on that note, FUN was had by all!!!!!!

*****I didn't have to set this shot up, this was her usual saunter down the room in front of the mirrors in the buff after swimming before her bath.

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