Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tomorrow bright and early Emmy is having two VERY large tonsils removed along with some adenoids.  We have been tossing this idea around for a few months.  About 5 months ago she came down with a pretty bad case of strep throat.  Her doctor mentioned she had "large" tonsils.  Then about 2 months ago I took her in to see the doctor because she seemed to not feel good and her voice sounded like she had something stuck in her throat.  Her pediatrician took one look and said, "WOW those are ginormous!  You gotta take a look," and he handed me his light.  He prescribed some antibiotics because she had strep again and then he said "we may want to talk to an ENT about getting those removed."  As time passed we noticed that she began waking up during the night and her breathing at night time became quite labored.  She also started snoring......loudly.  Fast forward a few weeks and we went to see the ENT for a consult on Monday.  He agreed that they were about 4 times the size they should be and he recommended they come out.  They were able to schedule it for tomorrow.  I picked up Em from school today and took her to lunch (clearly I was feeling guilty) then we off to the grocery store for some post tonsillectomy food.

And here I am trying not to think about it, trying not to be nervous and worry.  Em on the other hand is extremely excited.  She asked me in the car if the Dr. Richards would give her the tonsils in a "baggie" or in a "box."  She was planning on bringing them home.  She also told every one in her class to get a "good look at her tonsils because they wouldn't be there tomorrow."  Bless her little heart.  I haven't told her she would be missing school for about 5 days.

She crashed out on the couch after her bath.

Good night my sweet punkin!  At least one of us will be able to sleep tonight.


  1. Don't worry Mama, she will be fine. I'd be excited too if I got to eat all of that ice cream :)

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