Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mi hermana

Yes, Jenn that's get your own post!

I think this week was eye opening for my little sister.  Life with an energetic 7 year old and a dramatic 4 year old can be quite interesting as well as entertaining. They are nonstop and for some one with no kids it can be pretty exhausting. Jenn and I took the kids to the Muppet Movie and lunch.  If you're keeping track that makes 3 movies for Tyson and 2 for me.  That's right, we saw Breaking Dawn too this week.  Jenn stayed a day longer than Mom and Dad.  It gave the kids and Aunt Jenna a little more quality time together.   Friday we ate breakfast out than did a little unsuccessful "Black Friday" shopping. And we ended the night with margaritas at Mama Roja's.   I think Jenn had a good week with us.  I know my kids and I sure enjoyed having her around.   Tyson even got to sleep with her on her last night here and he thought that was pretty special. She mentioned to the kids that she was planning a trip back here in February......hope she knows once you tell Em and Tyson there are NO takebacks!

We love you Jenn and can't wait for you to come back in February!

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