Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween........a week late

Halloween is always a big day around here and this year was no exception.  We even hosted a little
"pre trick-or-treat" party at the house.  We invited our friends and neighbors to come over for some spOOky fun food and treats.

Check out the spOOky spread: we had mummy dogs, bloody finger cookies, pumpkin rice krispies

even black punch with a bloody floating hand and some creepy apple mouths.

And I present to you, my little OU cheerleader and my blood sucking vampire.......

The whole crew about to head out!

These two were so cute and sweet at each house.  They took their time slowly walking to up each sidewalk, politely saying "trick-or-treat" then carefully examining each piece that was given to them.  It's a wonder we even made it around the cul de sac at that pace. 
 This one was a whole different story.  Him and Anna trick-or-treated at record breaking speed.  It was impossible to catch up to them to get a picture.  I was lucky to get this one.

The little ones at the neighborhood entrance.

 Now that's a lot of loot!

They are both already planning next year's costumes.

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