Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I think I need to recap the last few days here in Oklahoma.  When I wrote about Oklahoma and what it had in store for us I can honestly say that Earthquakes did not even enter my mind.  Yeah, sure I knew about the tornadoes and the cold, but that seemed manageable.  Especially once we had our storm shelter put in.  In the last 4 days there has been at least 4 Earthquakes---two of which I felt, numerous tornadoes, and torrential downpours combined with baseball size hail.  Last night in the midst of the severe thunderstorm that lasted about three hours, we had an Earthquake.  AN EARTHQUAKE!!!  I can't believe I am actually writing this.  The kind that shakes your house and makes your picture frames rattle on the wall.  I believe it was a 4.7, which is actually less than Saturday's 5.6. They don't last long but when your house is shaking you don't need much more that 40 seconds to panic.  

Today the kids and I decided to enjoy a normal chilly afternoon. 

Tyson likes a little hot chocolate with his marshmallows!

 I love the different looks here.  Tyson's face says pure bliss while Em is strongly focused on this HOT drink in her little hands.

Tyson never his took his face out of his mug to get a picture.
Looking forward to a much calmer weather week.

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  1. I can't believe ya'll are having all of this at once!!! I would be a NERVOUS WRECK!!! )(but that's just me) Cute Pics!!!!