Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 Days of Family Fun

The last week or so has been a blur.  Only because we were having so much fun with my family that it's hard to even remember everything we did.  I will try my best to recap it with some pictures.

Mom and Dad came in Friday night.  They rode the Amtrak Train for the first time and it didn't get it until 9 that night.  Tyson and Paul went to train station to pick them up.  Tyson was very intrigued by the whole train process.  Saturday we spent just hanging out and catching up.  Mom and I took Em to a birthday party while Dad and Tyson went to a movie (that's kind of their thing).  Then that night we took them to one of our favorite Mexican resturants here in Edmond.  Sunday was a relaxing day and a trip to the grocery store (because that's what we do when the 'rents come in town).  That night our neighborhood friends came over for dinner so they could meet Mom and Dad. I was so excited for my friends to meet my parents.  Monday morning rolled around pretty fast.  I was worried the kids would not want to go to school with Grandma and Grandpa being at the house.  I could not have been more wrong.  They were eager to show them their school and their classrooms.  Mom and Dad even got to meet both of their teachers.  Tyson wanted Grandma and Grandpa to have lunch with him. That worked out great since I had to pick-up Jenn at the airport that morning and Mom was going to pick up Em from school anyway.  I grabbed Jenn and we went to lunch at 501 because it's a great ladies lunch place then headed straight to Metro Shoe.  Jenn arrived wearing flip flops so I needed to outfit her feet's was in the 40's and raining.  

The next few days involved a few grocery store trips, one liquor store run, more movie dates for the kids with the grandparents and Aunt Jenna, Muppets and Vampires, an early morning 5K, one long line outside of Toys R Us in the freezing cold and lots of yummy food.  Good Times!!!

 Here is the gang right before Mom and Dad took Em and Tyson to the movies.

 We picked up our race packets right before we picked up the pizza the night before and thought we'd make sure the shirts fit. 

 Nothing says 5K ready like pizza and wine!

 As you can see mom is sporting her new do.  She still wears the scarves but she is more comfortable like this.  Her hair is coming in quite nicely.  It's been about 90 days since her last chemo round.  She feels good, her taste buds are back and so is her energy.
 I think I will have to continue this post in another's getting kind of lengthy!

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