Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trick-or-Treat 2012

 I realize I'm a whole holiday behind.  Ironic that today is Thanksgiving and I'm finally getting around to blogging about Halloween.  Oh well, it's been a busy November!

 This year my little angels insisted on going as "something scary."  Tyson went as a zombie and Em as a Vampire Princess.  Just like last year we had everyone over for a little "pre trick-or-treat" party.  Everyone ate, and drank then we headed out!

 Tyson's costume was a "Tyson original," he crafted and designed it himself with some help from me.
Make-up courtesy Paul.  Who knew costume make-up could be a career for Paul?

 Hunger Games REPRESENT!!!!!

 The spread!!!  Once again I think Sherri and I outdid ourselves!

 Bloody fingers and worms!!!

 What's a Halloween party with out a floating hand in a bowl full of black punch?!?

 The whole crew about to head out!  Clearly "scary" is in!

 Some of the kids we picked up along the way checking out their loot.  Em was ready to call it a night after about an hour and a half of trick-or-treating.  Tyson however went for about 3 hours.  He was serious about it!

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