Sunday, October 28, 2012


Nervous was the feeling in our house most of the evening Friday night.  And when Tyson woke up at 5:45 Saturday morning it was not any better.  He had his first big swim meet in less than 3 hours and we was scared.  Sure he had swam in meets over the summer but they were in neighborhood pools and there were maybe 60 kids at most there.  This was at Oklahoma City Community College, also known as O triple "C" and there was going to be over 700 kids competing.  I apologize in advance for my photography.  He was around 150 feet away from me most of the day so I had to use my mega zoom lens and I could not use any flash in the pool area.

 Here is Buddy lined up for his first swim, the 25 meter backstroke

 About to swim the 50 bs

 walking out for the freestyle

We were sitting above him and as he was walking out to lane 8, which happened to be where we were sitting we all screamed "go Tyson!"  He looked mortified.  I have no idea where he gets this serious focused mindset.

Well it was a success!  After he completed his first swim he relaxed quite a bit and actually seemed to have fun.  He came up to the bleachers to see us and I immediately felt better once I saw his smile.  There was at least 15 heats of each event he did.  He finished around 5th on most of his heats although I haven't seen the actual times yet.  I couldn't be more proud!  He swam the way he was taught and he followed through even though he was scared.  He faced his fear and when it was all said and done he got in the truck and told Paul, "Daddy I loved it!  When is my next meet?"

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