Thursday, November 22, 2012

New traditions

So for the first time EVER in 35 years I had Thanksgiving without my parents.  I cooked everything by myself and it was delicious!  While I enjoyed being with my family I really missed Mom and Dad too.  The kids even said, "Mommy the food tastes like Thanksgiving but it doesn't fee like it without Grandma and Grandpa."  Break my heart why don't they. 

We started our own Turkey Day tradition.  It began on Wednesday when Em and I made pies than Tyson made the traditional Grace "tomorrow salad" all by himself.  Then on Thanksgiving morning we all got up bright and early and Tyson and I ran the Edmond Turkey Trot 5k.  After burning some calories, we came back and finished preparing lunch.  We all ate, went for a walk around the neighborhood then came home and played an exciting game of Monopoly while eating dessert.

 Emmy helping me make pumpkin pies

 Buddy's favorite dish at Thanksgiving has been "tomorrow salad."  So this year I let him make it.  He did all of the chopping and mixing.

 heading out for Tyson's first 5K run at 7 am

 Go Buddy Go!!!

 He did it!  And I couldn't be more proud!  I didn't run my first 5K till I was 33, he's 25 years ahead of me.  Now it was time for some tasty turkey and lots of yummy sides!

 Family Shot

 The kids thought it was pretty cool that I let them use my good wedding china and crystal stemware.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lucas'!

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