Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kindergarten Feast 2012

Even the kindergarten class had a Thanksgiving Feast!  I was in charge of the "dessert station."  Surprise?!? 

Em's teacher had stations set up for the kids.  Each station represented a thanksgiving type food.  For example at station #1 the kids made patterns on toothpicks with ham and cheese cubes, them #2 they made fruit salad, then stuffing and even mashed potatoes.  At my station the kids mixed pudding with canned pumpkin pie filling in little cups, put a few crushed Nilla Wafers in there and then added a scoop of cool whip on top...........and just like that they have pumpkin pie cups.

It was a really cute "whole group" learning activity and I feel lucky that both Paul and I could be there.

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