Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick weekend trip

Our good friends and special ex-neighboors invited us to their son's wedding in Ft. Worth.  We couldn't pass up an opportunity to see Cathy and Dave.  The kids were super excited to see them.  We headed out right after school on Friday and made it to the Metrolpex around 8:30 that night.  It was a quick short weekend there but we had a great time and it was so nice to visit our friends.  And my kids love an chance to get dressed up.

 Em and Savannah.........such pretty girls!

 It's nice to get dressed up every once and a while!

 Wonder where she gets this "hand on the hip" pose?

 They were so happy to see their Cathy!

 And Cathy was SO HAPPY to see all of her kiddos!

All of the kids were so well behaved, I was proud of all four of them!  Thanks Cathy for including us.

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