Monday, October 22, 2012

"Family" Boy Scout Campout

When Tyson signed up for Boy Scouts back in September he could hardly wait for the family campout.  And by "family" I mean me too.  Truth be told I'm not really much of an outdoor kinda mom.  I like the park and hanging out outside but sleeping outside AND eating all of your meals outside..........not so much.   Tyson really wanted us all there so "we" decided to all go.  This would be Emmy's first time to camp and she actually did great!

 I love this man!  He can set up a tent like no one else can.

Our pretty view during dinner

 Pack Dinner

 My Emmy!  She can make friends anywhere she goes......even a Boy Scout campout!

 Some of the boys from Den 5

Possibly my most favorite picture of them!

 Em and her new 5th grade fun friend skipping stones in the lake.

 Time to make our bottle rockets

Ta Da!  Ready to hang up to dry until launch time tomorrow  after breakfast.

 Songs and skits around the  Pack campfire

 Tyson was so proud of his "solo" tent...........this would prove to not a be the best decision later into the night, say around 1:30 am.

 Tyson and Jack reading about Bigfoot before they go on the hunt with their flashlights.

 The next morning it was time to launch the bottle rockets.

It was a pretty fun weekend and the weather was beautiful!  The Lucas family had fun and I think I see more family campouts in our future.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! My girls and I have been wanting to try camping out at Guadalupe State Park. I'm not so sure I'll survive...and it looks so much more fun w/a group of people. I'm sure yall made many memories to treasure!