Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oklahoma State Fair

I realize it's been almost a month since we took the kids to the fair.  But better later than never.  It's this "working" thing.........a little less free time on the computer.  I am loving substituting, it's definitely keeping me busy.

We took the kids to the fair on the last day.  We had been waiting for some cooler temperatures.  It was a fun time for the whole family!

 We always end up at the petting zoo.

 The llama was so cute!!!

 The auto show is also a big favorite.

 Tyson couldn't wait to hop in the drivers seat and of course his trusty sidekick was right there too.

 This fair visit was full of "first."  The first time we went to an event like this with NO stroller, and it was the first time for Em to ride the rides.  She loved them and really had no fear.

 My little girl, she kept bending down talking to her "horsey" so it was difficult to get a picture.

 Another "first."  The Indian Taco on Indian Fry Bread.......Oh My Goodness, it was so yummy!

And you can't go to the fair without having sweets.  Tyson choose the biggest cinnamon roll I've ever seen and Em wanted chocolate ice cream.

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