Saturday, October 20, 2012

The 2 Newest Family Members

For the last few months Tyson has been on this "guinea pig" kick.  We honestly thought he'd forget about it.  No such luck.  He told us he really wanted a guinea pig but through all of his research we discovered that "guinea pigs are social animals and do better in pairs or with other guinea pigs."  Of course they do do, I'd expect nothing less.  I've got to hand it to Tyson, he really did do his homework.  We told Tyson he needed to learn about guinea pigs first and find out about their needs.  So he did just that.  Week after week he would check out another guinea pig book from his school library.  He actually checked out so many that our librarian asked Tyson, "if his mom let him get one yet?"  Then he asked us to take him to PetCo so he could research them more and talk to an employee.  We left there and he knew exactly what he needed to purchase for his guinea pigs.  It was then he realized he was going to need a little monetary assistance.  This is when the grandparents came in to play.  Tyson sat down and wrote letters to his his Aunt Jenna, and both sets of grandparents explaining his predicament (aka asking for some donations).  Fast forward a week and it was time for the big purchase.

 Meet "Hamilton" as in Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.  He is very sweet and likes to be held.

 Looks like Josh Hamilton to me.

This is "Hardin" as in James Hardin of the Oklahoma City Thunder  and he is a little more difficult to photograph, but he too will get used to having a lens in his's just goes with the territory when you're part of this family.

The guineas are sweet and so far Tyson takes really good care of them.  We are in the process of moving them upstairs.  That will become the Lucas Zoo.  Franklin the tortoise and Shiny, Stoops, Tiny the crab have also relocated upstairs.

This is their split level gp condo.  Pretty nice digs.

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