Friday, August 24, 2012

Emerson's Bake Shoppe

It's getting more and more difficult to come up with creative birthday party ideas for Em.  This year we decided on "cake decorating" themed party, complete with hats and aprons.  In theory it seemed simple and super cute.  Just a few girls, some plain cakes to decorate and maybe some personalized chefs hats.  Anyone that knows me or has been reading this blog long enough knows that "simple" and "birthday party" are three words I never use in the same sentence.  I started prepping for this celebration months ago.  I bought hats when they went on sale at Hobby Lobby, same with the aprons, then I made each girl a cake plate to decorate their cake on because each little baker had to have a cake pedastool.  I personalized each hat with the girl's name on them. Then I needed cake boxes for each girl too.   And the list went on....and on.

The fruits of my labor........
The cake plates came out cute......not bad for a $1 glass candlestick holder from Dollar Tree spray painted white and glued to a $1 plate.

Then there were the hats, ready to be adorned with floweres made out of cupcake liners.

The girls enjoyed the flower making process and proudly displayed them on their little hats.

Ready to get started........
So much FUN.  The mommies had just as much fun as the little cake decorators!

My heart!
Could she be any cuter in this little hat?!?

You know me.......I took lots of pictures. 
To be continued!

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