Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big Changes

Here is my BIG 1st grader.......soon to be BIG 2nd grader! WOW!!!! All I can say is time really does fly. When he was younger I found myself saying things like, "When is he gonna sleep through the night? When is he gonna talk? When is he gonna eat by himself? When is he gonna be ok leaving me?" Now I find myself saying, can I just stop time? Can we slow it down? He is growing up and maturing so fast. It's unbelievable!

I took Tyson to breakfast on his last day of 1st grade. He choose Daylight Donuts.

A sneak peek of summer days.....

Thursday after school, the kids decided to play dress-up. So naturally they drug out each one of their dress up bins and commenced to empty them on Em's floor. Tyson was the "super hero prince" that needed to rescue the princess from the castle. Words can't explain how happy it makes me seeing these two getting along AND using their imagination. There's hope for my sanity this summer yet!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The end of an era

For the last 5 years one of my kiddos has attended Mother's Day Out. I was sad when Tyson graduated Pre K, but took comfort in the fact that I still had Em. Well, now that's come to an end. Emerson is done with Mother's Day Out. And she will start Pre K next year at the same elementary where Tyson goes. Emerson has changed a lot in this school year, she looks considerably more grown-up than she did here on the first day of school.

Look out every day Pre K, here comes Emmy Grace!!!

My Little Gymnast

Eight weeks ago, I took a crying little 3 year old into her first gymnastics class. "Mommy, I'm scared, I don't know mnastics!" As I sat there watching her through the glass, I kept wondering why I was the only one with the daughter that was being held by her coach. I told myself I was not going in to get her. Well, about 10 minutes later she was all smiles jumping all over the place and I was glad I didn't cave.

Fast forward almost two months and she had her first M&M Olympics. Basically, she got to show off all she had learned and got a cool shiny trophy too.

Savannah was there too, she was in the "mommy & class."

You never know........... Shannon Miller was from Edmond too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LAX (and no, I don't mean Los Angeles International airport)

It only took me all season to realize "LAX" was short for Lacrosse.

I am so very proud of my Tyson. He tried something new and gave it his best. Lacrosse was a new sport for all of us. Let's just say Lacrosse was not big in South Texas. I enjoyed watching him every Monday evening. I would love for him to continue playing, however after second grade it's get's a bit physical. I'm not sure my Buddy is the "physical contact" kind of kid.

She was so excited for him, she cheered the entire time on the sidelines, "Go Tyson Go!!!"

After the game it was "parents vs kids" game on the field. I should mention I'm proud of Paul too, he also knew nothing about Lacrosse but got "roped" into coaching.

Ahhh, medal time.....Tyson had been waiting for this all season.

What's better than your coach putting your medal on you? When your daddy, the coach is hanging your medal around your neck.

Proud of you Tyson!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Love my Sooner and my Longhorn

This picture makes me laugh for lots of reasons. We moved to Oklahoma literally 6 and a half months ago and my son jumped on the Boomer Sooner train like it was his job. I guess he didn't realize his Daddy actually graduated from a branch of UT in Arlington. Nothing like a little friendly family rivalry.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1 crazy scientist and nine first graders......

makes for one wild mad science birthday party!!!!

I searched every where for "science" decorations. They don't exhist. So what does one do when they can't find something, you google it. One quick "science beaker" search and I was in business. I placed an order with Home Science Tools, then began thinking about what to fill them with.

I am happy Tyson was able to make so many friendships in the short 6 months we've lived here. That was one of the biggest concerns Paul and I had when it came to moving. Paul and I actually had the conversation about Tyson's next birthday party and Paul said, "I'm worried....what if he doesn't make friends? What if no one comes to his next birthday party?"Seriously? Look at these kiddos, you would never know he didn't start first grade with these kids.

They were all at attention, when "Professor Jenny Neutron" began conducting her experiments.

The "snow" was a big hit!!!

When she asked what color slime every one wanted, the overwhelming response was green..... as in "booger, snot green."

Bubbling potion on the patio was also a huge success. Who knew that dry ice, hot water and a little dish soap could be so entertaining!

Wonder what he wished for? Probably more Legos.......

I think the expression on Paul's face says it all, it was an exhausting day and a VERY fun party! The only way this party good have been better was if, "Grandma Grace and Grandpa Tom could have been there!" I couldn't agree more with my Buddy. Missed you Mom and Dad, but we know you will be celebrating his 8th with us next year.

Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Years Old...........really???

I know I say this every year, but I can't believe my baby boy is 7!!!!!

Some interesting facts about Tyson at age 7:

He LOVES all things OU!
He has become an excellent reader and loves chapter books like Flat Stanley and the Magic TreeHouse series.
Obsessed with LEGOS.
His best friend at school is Rhett. Mason, Jonathan and Anna are also his buddies.
His favorite lunch box snack are green apples with caramel.
Fascinated by all things science and nature related
He's lost 7 teeth so far
He starts EVERY morning by watching Curious George on PBS
HE loves school and his teacher Mrs. Litsch

Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Love you more than ever!!!!