Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A to Zebra

Emmy has graduated from the Whale room to the Zebra room at her Mother's Day Out. She was excited to for school this morning and there were no tears. I think she was more excited to wear her new outfit and those stinkin Twinkle Toe shoes. She loves those light up shoes!

"Now can we go Mommy?"

Once we got to school she seemed even more excited. Little did she know, that Tropical Storm Hermine was about to make land fall and cause torrential downpours along with 58 MPH winds which would translate to a power outage on the first day of school. Good times!

The good news is that she still wants to go back on Thursday but did inform me she "would not be napping anymore at school due to the power going out." Good luck Ms. Jodi and Ms. Carla.

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