Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1 crazy scientist and nine first graders......

makes for one wild mad science birthday party!!!!

I searched every where for "science" decorations. They don't exhist. So what does one do when they can't find something, you google it. One quick "science beaker" search and I was in business. I placed an order with Home Science Tools, then began thinking about what to fill them with.

I am happy Tyson was able to make so many friendships in the short 6 months we've lived here. That was one of the biggest concerns Paul and I had when it came to moving. Paul and I actually had the conversation about Tyson's next birthday party and Paul said, "I'm worried....what if he doesn't make friends? What if no one comes to his next birthday party?"Seriously? Look at these kiddos, you would never know he didn't start first grade with these kids.

They were all at attention, when "Professor Jenny Neutron" began conducting her experiments.

The "snow" was a big hit!!!

When she asked what color slime every one wanted, the overwhelming response was green..... as in "booger, snot green."

Bubbling potion on the patio was also a huge success. Who knew that dry ice, hot water and a little dish soap could be so entertaining!

Wonder what he wished for? Probably more Legos.......

I think the expression on Paul's face says it all, it was an exhausting day and a VERY fun party! The only way this party good have been better was if, "Grandma Grace and Grandpa Tom could have been there!" I couldn't agree more with my Buddy. Missed you Mom and Dad, but we know you will be celebrating his 8th with us next year.

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