Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LAX (and no, I don't mean Los Angeles International airport)

It only took me all season to realize "LAX" was short for Lacrosse.

I am so very proud of my Tyson. He tried something new and gave it his best. Lacrosse was a new sport for all of us. Let's just say Lacrosse was not big in South Texas. I enjoyed watching him every Monday evening. I would love for him to continue playing, however after second grade it's get's a bit physical. I'm not sure my Buddy is the "physical contact" kind of kid.

She was so excited for him, she cheered the entire time on the sidelines, "Go Tyson Go!!!"

After the game it was "parents vs kids" game on the field. I should mention I'm proud of Paul too, he also knew nothing about Lacrosse but got "roped" into coaching.

Ahhh, medal time.....Tyson had been waiting for this all season.

What's better than your coach putting your medal on you? When your daddy, the coach is hanging your medal around your neck.

Proud of you Tyson!!!

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