Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~~Rain is a good thing~~

Tuesday it actually rained here. We are in serious need of some rain and cooler temperatures. The minute the kids heard the rain they came running down stairs asking if they could go "check it out." Of course I said yes, but first let me grab my camera we may not see rain again for a few months.

I stood by the front door and attached my zoom lens and let the kids go to town.

They were so funny, it was as if they had never seen or felt rain.

There is country song by Luke Bryan titled Rain is a Good Thing. My kids LOVE this song and almost have all of the words memorized. Coincidentally as they played in the rain they sang this song over and over (and by the song I mean the chorus). Feel free to click on the link so you get a feel for madness around here sometimes.

I wished I had videoed them playing and singing but then how could I have gotten all of these great still shots?!?

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