Sunday, July 3, 2011

34 Years and a bunch of poppies

A few months ago we celebrated my friend Ashley's birthday at P.F. Changs. We had the most delicious cake. While still chewing my first bite I leaned over to Sherri and whispered, "this is what I want for my birthday!" I had no idea she would really get it for me let alone plan a little neighborhood party for me. It was incredibly special and I will never forget it. A few days before my birthday the kids asked if they were "invited to my birthday." I explained that of course they were invited and there wasn't really anything to be invited to. Just being here Tuesday morning they were "invited."

Well, I didn't know that after our family dinner to Abuelo's we would be going over to Sherri's house for cake and celebrating with neighbors and friends.

I just love Sherri and I think of Sam like a little sister. Not having my sister nearby I often enjoy some of their sister drama and am glad to not be directly involved in it.

These girls really know me......I received wine, a super cute glass, a cookbook and a gift card to Hobby Lobby! It's like we've been friends forever!

My Posse (from left to right, Sam, Tyler, Sherri me and Ashley)

I remember celebrating my 20th birthday with Paul..........didn't know at the time we'd be celebrating my 34th together!

Fast forward two nights.......and the celebration continues!
So for my birthday celebration the girls and I decided it would be fun and a little different to check out "Paint Your Art Out." I had no idea they were going to make it so special. They made me my own blinged out apron to wear that night along with more birthday cake, complete with pink plates, napkins and forks.

Oh and did I mention wine? A little red and a little white to help get the creative juices flowing!

Who knew that in 3 short hours, a lot of funny stories, and a few glasses of wine later a blank canvas would turn into something worth hanging?!?

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