Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me and the animals

Thursday I took the kids to the zoo (along with the rest of Oklahoma City). Tyson invited his friend Anna who lives behind us and Sherri, Sam and the girls came too. We figured it would be crowded so we got there a little after it opened at 9 and we were leaving by 12:30. It was so much fun. I think the most fun for me was watching Tyson play with his friend and seeing the joy on their faces as they ran around. I can't believe Tyson is already at the age where he wants to have friends come on outings with us. Where has the time gone? Anna is in Tyson's class and she too has a "Flat Stanley" that came along to the zoo with us.

It's nice to see other little mouths that look just like Tyson's. New teeth, no baby tooth, one big tooth. I love it!

My pretty girl rockin the baseball hat!!!!

She LOVED these goats. I think the petting zoo was by far her favorite part of the zoo.

Little Savannah liked feeding the goats too!

After we left the zoo I took the kids to eat lunch at Subway then we followed that up with a trip to Orange Leaf for dessert What a great day!!!!

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