Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lacrosse 101

When a friend of Tyson's asked him to play Lacrosse, we thought "Sure. Why not? What's Lacrosse?" We want to expose him to as many different activities as possible till he find something he's really passionate about. So we are now members of Edmond Lacrosse Little Scoopers program. I was concerned at first when I found out they had to wear mouth pieces and protective eyewear, but it's "no contact" till 3rd grade. So far it's been pretty fun. He's had two skills practices and still two more to go before they start the games. Tyson really seems to enjoy the throwing and catching with the stick and he loves running and cradling the ball. Paul is also learning the lacrosse basics by volunteering to help the coach.

They start each practice by running a lap with their stick then doing some warm up drills. It's pretty cute to watch.

Em starts gymnastics next week, we're hoping for an equally successful first time experience.

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