Sunday, January 9, 2011

"OU school"

Tyson has turned into the HUGE Sooner fan. He jumped on the OU bandwagon like it was his job. He suddenly can't stand orange as in OSU orange and wants to wear his OU hoodie every day. Saturday we thought we would take a drive down to Norman and show him the OU "school" as he calls it. He seemed to really like it. Hopefully we can get him to a game next season.

The little one...........not as impressed. She was cold and wanted to go "in" the school.

There's a smile. We were inside at this point checking out the fan gear, She really wanted the pink OU shirt, we talked her into the red cheerleader one instead.

I guess I should teach him to do the OU the other direction.

No, we are not getting OU landscaping rocks........even if they make good sitting places.

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