Monday, January 31, 2011

Another "family" class project

Tyson's teacher assigns the kids "family" projects for the kids to do. In December I, I mean we created a Christmas tree out of pipe cleaners. This month I, I mean we had to a create a patriotic symbol that would be able to hang in the classroom. I wanted to make a cool sparkly red, white and blue wreath. I was quickly informed by my husband and son that a wreath was not a cool project. Really? But a brown eagle says "cool?" Tyson wanted to make an eagle. So.....we made any eagle. It actually came out pretty cute.

And yes......the shirt my son has on is a homemade OU tee-shirt, handmade my who else??? My son. I guess all those years of me wearing homemade puff paint and glitter shirts in the 80's somehow wore off on him.

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