Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to normal..........

well, as normal as life gets around here.
I was a little worried about just how this morning would go. School mornings can be rough after coming off of a 2 week hiatus filled with grandparents, gifts, and more grandparents. Turns out, it went great. Tyson was up by 7 and dressed and fed by 8. He likes to get completely ready for school and sit at the table and read for about thirty minutes before we leave. I'm so proud!

Look at my little reader.

Now, fast forward about 8 hours later. I picked up Tyson in the car line, he gets in the car and says, "Mommy, I had the BEST day today back at school. I LOVE my new school!" Music to any mother's ears. So, naturally I felt like a Sonic trip was in order so I could reward my Buddy for jumping back into the routine, Emmy for allowing me to complete the 87 loads of laundry I had waiting for me and one diet vanilla coke for me because I wasn't buried alive in the aforementioned 87 loads of laundry.

Notice they're sitting on the drinks on the carpet, especially orange cream slushes.

Yep, back to normal!

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