Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby, it's COLD outside!

This was the scene from our front door at 7 this morning. You can't tell but the roads were covered in a thin sleek layer of ice, made for DANGEROUS driving.

The school closures began rolling across the top of the TV at 5 am. Edmond public schools were CLOSED due to the ice on the roads. That meant a LONG day in the house with the kids. I knew I couldn't have them fighting all day and I definitely didn't want Tyson playing the wii all day either.

Hmmmm........what to do? What to do???

I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to dig in the craft closet and find some things for the kids to work on. We decided on Valentine Cards! As you can see in the above picture Em did not want any kind of instruction lesson from Tyson on how hard to squeeze the glue. Eventually she got over it, he toned down the bossiness and they had a LOT of fun.

Ta Da!!!!

After over two hours of crafting these kiddos worked up an appetite. Luckily I had a DiGiorno's pizza in the freezer. Not a bad day after all, crafts followed by pizza and one of Tyson's special sodas he got at Pops last week.

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