Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away......and Emmy, stay in your bed

Thanks to Hurricane Alex, we've had LOTS of rain this week. It's pretty much rained all week off and on. My kids look for any excuse to use their rain gear, ie: polka-dot rain coat and Princess umbrella. Speaking of Princess, this princess pictured above has learned a few new tricks this week. It was bound to happen. Honestly we were just counting the days till it happened. I mean, she's been in there since February. Oh, did I forget to mention she realized she can get out of her bed.....whenever she wants to. And let me just tell you how much fun bedtime and naptime has been this week.

Here's a peak: Night Night Emmy, I love you (as I close her door and walk out). Aproximately 8 seconds later. The sound of little feet running across the living room, "Mommy...I get up. I not sleepy. I wake up. I come out all by myself," she says with a proud smile on her face. We take her back and explain that she needs to stay in her bed even though she is "not sleepy." Repeat a few more times with a bit more frusteration on our part and that's bedtime. We have discovered she comes out less if she has not had a nap during the day. So we are phasing out naptime, hoping to create a happier bedtime for ALL. This morning she came in our room at 6:30, "I wake up," again with the smile. Paul tells her it's still night time. She whines and he tells her to be quiet and get in bed with us. She happily jumps in between us and sleeps till 8:30. Something tells me we are going to regret inviting her into our bed.

I guess we couldn't expect her to sit at the edge of her bed and call us to come get her forever.

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