Friday, June 4, 2010

Week One

We survived our first official week of summer break. It hasn't been all that eventful. Pretty low key since both of the kids began the week with Strep Throat. Mostly a week of staying up late and sleeping in, getting both of my kids in the habit of going to the gym everyday, and basically just taking it easy.

We started off our week with a cookout and afternoon swim on Memorial Day at the Posey's house. Great fun was had by all. It was also the first big pool experience of the summer for the kids.
Tyson was more comfortable in the water...........till he fell off the step and went under.

Bikini beauty loved the water and loved this pink floatie.

Em also discovered jewelry........

Tyson and I made cookies and as always he has to lick the spatula.

Em had her first pedicure at the nail place, really they just painted her nails. But she liked sitting in the big chair and letting them dry in the "purple light." Me: Hey Emmy choose a light pink color. Emmy: "How 'bout this hot pink?"

More of this..........
These two have discovered laying in bed and reading books together. Can I get an Amen?
Pretty good week all in all. Hoping for an illness free week next week.

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  1. Glad you guys are having a good summer so far. Love Em's new hair cut, darling! Can't believe how much Tyson has changed this year, wow!!