Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sometimes it really is the simple things.....

Dinner out with the family. Sometimes it can be quite pleasant and sometimes we're just trying to get through it before someone has to go outside and get "talked to." Last night was one of the best family dinners out we have had in a long time. Both kids finished their meals and no one, let me repeat, NO ONE had a melt down. It was so enjoyable. It was as if the kids new this was my birthday dinner and we're trying to be on their best behavior.

Look at them. They even enjoyed each others company.

When she's doing this without being prompted know things are good.

This is one of those things he picked up at school, Longhorns in EVERY picture. Note Em's beads, they're still a major player in the wardrobe.

.......and yes, Tyson got a haircut. He told us he wanted a "man haircut" for summer, which means short , "like Daddy." It's still growing on me. He used to have his hair this short when he was younger and we were tired of his hair sticking to his head with sweat. I really had no idea just how long his hair had grown. He's still my handsome boy, just with spikey hair.

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