Friday, June 25, 2010

1 week-- LOTS of Memories

This was the third summer for Tyson to attend Concordia's Vacation Bible school. This by far was his favorite. In one week he learned so much and would come home and tell us all about the daily bible verse. He begged me to buy the CD's with the songs they had learned this week. I absolutely loved hearing Tyson sing songs about Jesus in the car and then explain what they meant to Emmy so she could sing along too.

This was Tyson's gift from his Vacation Bible school crew leader. Isn't this just the coolest thing? She took pictures all week and put them into a collage with a personalized frame.

Meet Vick and Hannah. These two young ladies were the reason behind my son's BIG smile each morning as I would leave him at VBS. They were his crew leaders. And they were just as sweet as they could be.

Tyson, Colton and Bailey on the first morning. They had so much fun together this week. I was so glad they were all in the same group.

Geri took the kids out to lunch the day I had my root canal. We're lucky to have such good friends.
The funniest thing in this picture to me is Colton's t-shirt.



The group on the last day. Tyson actually teared up a little in the car and said he was "kinda sad and would miss his church school."

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