Sunday, July 22, 2012

My handsome Bullfrog

Hands down, swim team has been one of the best things for Tyson.  Not only has it improved his swimming it has been so good for his confidence.  Unfortunately he will end the summer with some serious goggle tan lines across his face.

Love this tan goggled face boy!!!!

Bookstore FUN

One of the things I love about Edmond is that it gives you a feeling of being in a smalltown.  Nothing could make this more so than our local bookstore, Best of Books.  Every summer they have kids activity weeks lined up in June and in July.  It is a free event for an hour each day where they do crafts, music, of different types of activities.  Em and Tyson look forward to it so much.  This week they played different types of instruments, learned to sketch cartoon animals, make friendship bracelets and even did leather stamping.

 Leather stamping was way cool!

First you have to wet the leather before you can make the impression.

They both took to this so well.  Especially Em, for her age I couldn't believe her dexterity was so good.  She made these all by herself.  

 Buddy made one Texas Rangers one and one OKC Thunder one.

They had so much fun making friendship bracelets that we had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home from the bookstore and pick up some supplies to make MORE bracelets. 

Thanks Best of Books for a fun week!!! 

Big Week for Em

This was a huge week for Emmy.  Not only was she busy with her little girlfriends but my little punkin learned to swim.  She ended last week wearing floaties and she ended this week jumping straight into the pool wearing nothing but a pair of goggles.  She is swimming under water, jumping in and she can even tread water.  I couldn't be more proud!!!

Her friend Maryella came over to play after swim team one morning.  We met Maryella and her family this summer at the pool and they have become pretty good friends.

As if my little social butterfly couldn't have any more fun, she had her first sleepover with Savannah this week too.

 What does an almost 5 year old take to a sleepover?  Well one American  Girl doll, one princess Merida doll, one Lovee Bunny, and one camo sleeping bag.....oh and some clothes too.

They had a blast!!!  They ate popcorn and watched a movie and slept together.  Em never cried and really didn't want to come home the next morning.

Fabulous week for Emmy Grace!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This pretty much sums up our summer.


Needless to say that we get our monies worth from our annual HOA dues.  Every morning we are at the pool from swim practice then we come back and spend the afternoon there.

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 4th 2012

We woke up at 6 am on the 4th of July.  We were heading to the parade in downtown Edmond and if you want a good spot you gotta get there early.  So the all of the men packed up the lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers and took off in search of the perfect parade watching spot.  I finished making
"pigs in a blanket,"  and loading up cups with juice.  We called the guys when were on our way to find out where they set up.

 Mom found two little firecrackers to walk her speed all the way from the car to our spot.  Check out the girls visors, Mom made them the night before.  They turned out so cute!

 We had about an hour to kill till the parade started, so we all snacked on muffins and piggies in a blanket,

 Our whole crew!

 The girls loved watching and waving to everyone that went by.

The parade was over.  It was time to go home, rest a little then get dinner ready.  We had the Henson's over for BBQ sandwiches, creamed corn, cole slaw, cold beer and a pitcher of sangria.   After dinner we piled in the truck to go see fireworks at the UCO campus. 

 Fireworks didn't start till 10.  Dad played football with the kids to help pass the time.

Time for the show.  It was a beautiful display!!!  We didn't get home till midnight.  It was a LONG day filled with lots of fun memories.  So glad mom and dad could spend it with us!

T & G for a week!

Mom and Dad hadn't been to our house since Christmas.  That's a long time for my kids not see their grandparents.  Once they scheduled and planned this trip the kids asked every day, "how many more days till Grandma and Grandpa get here?"

They finally arrived on Saturday the 30th.....they didn't get to our house till almost 11.  That didn't phase my kids though.  They waited up and needless to say no one go to bed before midnight.  We had a great week with them.  Dad took Tyson to swim practice every morning, we swam in the afternoons, cooked some great dinners, went out to some of our favorite resturants, saw a few fun movies, we even got to celebrate the 4th of July with them.  Great week!!!

Uno and dominoes became an every day activity with Grandpa.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Belmont Bullfrogs

This is the first year our neighborhood has had a swim team.  Tyson decided to join swim team and we couldn't be happier.  He learned to swim last summer.  We thought swim team would be great way to sharpen his skills and teach him new strokes.  He has done great and it has been so much fun to watch.  It also keeps him active, with practices every morning at 9 and meets every Saturday.

 Ready for his first meet!!!

 Buddy's own personal cheerleaders.  It was at least 105 degrees in the shade that evening and these two great ladies came out to cheer him on.

 BACKSTROKE!!!!  This is his best event!

Three 2nd place ribbons!!!  Not bad for his first swim meet!!!