Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Week for Em

This was a huge week for Emmy.  Not only was she busy with her little girlfriends but my little punkin learned to swim.  She ended last week wearing floaties and she ended this week jumping straight into the pool wearing nothing but a pair of goggles.  She is swimming under water, jumping in and she can even tread water.  I couldn't be more proud!!!

Her friend Maryella came over to play after swim team one morning.  We met Maryella and her family this summer at the pool and they have become pretty good friends.

As if my little social butterfly couldn't have any more fun, she had her first sleepover with Savannah this week too.

 What does an almost 5 year old take to a sleepover?  Well one American  Girl doll, one princess Merida doll, one Lovee Bunny, and one camo sleeping bag.....oh and some clothes too.

They had a blast!!!  They ate popcorn and watched a movie and slept together.  Em never cried and really didn't want to come home the next morning.

Fabulous week for Emmy Grace!!!

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