Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation, part 2......playing "tourist"

Although we were staying in a beautiful resort outside of Branson we decided to venture out and check out the Branson strip. 

First up:  Ride the Ducks!

 We rode these bus/ boat things (they actually used these Ducks a long time ago in the military to go from land to water).  Bet they never thought they'd be charging for tours of Branson on these.

 Before we boarded the duck we loaded up on snacks and cold beverages.

 Nothing like a GIANT icee before we get a look at Branson's finest.....

AND every one gets their very own duck caller!

 After we toured Branson on land we headed for Table Rock Lake.  This is the view from my seat on the Duck.

 Emmy even got to "drive" the duck herself.

And you can't go to Branson and not see a show.  We choose to see Dixie Stampede based on lots of friends recommendations.  We heard there were lots of animals, fire and really good food.
Checking out the horses before the show.

 Some how Em always manages to find the tackiest things to try on in the gift shops.  Guess it's a talent.
 The show was very entertaining and we dined on a delicious southern 7 course meal.  The kids loved watching and cheering for the South!

 After the show we took a walk down down Branson Landing and checked out the shops.  It was then I realized that my boys were twinkies.

Love these two and loved being a "tourist" with them!

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