Monday, September 26, 2011

Spirit Week for CT

Tyson has always enjoyed a good "theme" day. Emerson hasn't really ever had one. She was pretty excited to take part in Cross Timbers Spirit Week. Day 1 was "Western Day." Tyson had been asking for another pair of boots since Em got hers for her birthday. This was the perfect excuse to take him boot shopping. They LOVED wearing boots to school.

Day 2 was "Jammie Day." These two couldn't wait to wear their jammies to school.

The last of their favorites was "Thunder Day." Which meant wearing their OKC Thunder gear. however with the NBA lockout under way.....finding "Thunder " gear is a tough challenge. Luckily we have friends with extra Kevin Durant jerseys laying around.

Yay for Spirit Week!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Her own sense of style

Emerson Grace has always had personality and has always enjoyed being in front of the camera. Might have something to do with my lens being in her face since birth.....I don't know. She also has a unique sense of fashion.

When you combine these two traits this is what you get:

Here we have last year's pink faux fur vest coupled with her black gymnastic leotard and of course sporting her new PURPLE boots.

In these pictures she is rocking the floral rainboots with her pink tutu.

I can only imagine the conversations we are going to have as she is getting dressed for middle school one day.

She is and always will be my little princess!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My BIG reader

Tyson brought home his STAR Reading Diagnostic Report this week. I could not be more proud!!! His GE (grade equivalent) is a 4.5, which means he's reading at the level of a fourth grader who has completed his fifth month of school. He also achieved a National Percentile Rank (PR) of 98. This score is in the above average range which means my Buddy scored greater than 98% of students nationally in the same grade. Not bad for my 2nd grader in his 3rd week of school! Way to go Buddy!!!

Handsome and smart!!! I hope he continues to enjoy reading.

Ballet/Tap Combo

I am not going to lie. When Em told me she wanted to take dance classes I was ecstatic!!! I couldn't wait to watch her tap and point and do little twirls. And who am I kidding I couldn't wait to go shopping for "dance clothes!" I didn't take dance as a little girl, not sure why not......probably because I didn't want to. I was a little worried she would change her mind when she realized she couldn't see me during class. She's slightly attached to me.
They have cameras in each of the studios and we can watch them in the lobby on big screens, they just can't see us. To my surprise she has done so well and truly LOVES it. It has been so much fun watching her. She has class once a week on Friday evenings. I had no idea that dance is not like baseball or Lacrosse-it's not a season, it's a school year commitment. It started in September, goes through May and ends with a recital. Who knew?

Our friend Savannah is in the same class too. How cute are they?!?

Think I am going to LOVE being a "dance mom!"

My worst fear.....

The pictures say it all.

Yes, they only road in the neighborhood, yes I said several prayers as they rode off and yes, unfortunatley.... Tyson LOVED it.

Finally a break from the HEAT

As soon as we heard there would be "cool front" coming in to Oklahoma the kids asked if we could go to the park and feed the ducks. So when they had their day off from school last Tuesday I took them to have a picnic lunch and feed the ducks. However, we got there on day three of gorgeous weather and these ducks had clearly been overfed and were not interested in any of our old bread.

Didn't top my kids from tossing in every last piece we brought.

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Boomer Sooner," hot or cold

Paul has been out of town since Wednesday and I wanted to do something special with the kids on the weekend. We started our Saturday off with breakfast at First Watch. It was tasty and the Tyson thought it was "so cool" that everyone that walked in was wearing red.

Then I took the kids shopping.....they wanted long sleeve OU shirts. Go figure.

Then it was game time. We sat on the floor, popped popcorn and had our own living room tailgate party while watching the game.

When we woke up Sunday morning the alleged "cold front" had arrived. No one thought the weather guys knew what they were talking about. But they were right and it was chilly.

..............And yes, they are still in their OU shirts.