Friday, September 16, 2011

Ballet/Tap Combo

I am not going to lie. When Em told me she wanted to take dance classes I was ecstatic!!! I couldn't wait to watch her tap and point and do little twirls. And who am I kidding I couldn't wait to go shopping for "dance clothes!" I didn't take dance as a little girl, not sure why not......probably because I didn't want to. I was a little worried she would change her mind when she realized she couldn't see me during class. She's slightly attached to me.
They have cameras in each of the studios and we can watch them in the lobby on big screens, they just can't see us. To my surprise she has done so well and truly LOVES it. It has been so much fun watching her. She has class once a week on Friday evenings. I had no idea that dance is not like baseball or Lacrosse-it's not a season, it's a school year commitment. It started in September, goes through May and ends with a recital. Who knew?

Our friend Savannah is in the same class too. How cute are they?!?

Think I am going to LOVE being a "dance mom!"

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