Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick-or-Treat around the Lake

This Halloween we actually trick-or-treated in our neighborhood park which is ironic because we hadn't participated in the neighborhood festivities in the last 5 years but now that we were not actually property owners that is where we choose to spend our Halloween fun.

We had a blast!!! We went with friends and met up with more friends from school.
Em went as Cinderella and Mom and I enjoyed making her transformation. However, my Emmy did not get the "thick hair" gene so it took A LOT of product to make those curls and crown stay put.

What? Doesn't every Cinderella wear Twinkle Toes light up tennis shoes under her ball gown?

Tyson was a Knight but did inform us that his costume was not scary enough so next year he wants to go as something scary.

Mom joined us this year and enjoyed seeing the kids in their costumes.

We went with Colton and Baiely's family and had so much fun with them.

I had to get a group shot of everybody.
(Bailey, Emerson, Camden, Jackson, Tyson and Colton)

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