Friday, November 12, 2010

a LONG week of good-byes

This was an emotional week for this family. It started with Emmy's teachers (whom I might add are the sweetest preschool teachers ever) threw her a "going away" party complete with cupcakes and a memory book.

Em just loved Ms. Jody and Ms. Jody LOVED my Emmy.

Ava, Alexa and Emmy have been friends since the 2 year old class

Luke and Emmy

Clearly she enjoyed her farewell cupcakes

I took Tyson lunch on his last day. First grade lunch might be even more interesting than kinder lunch. These are his buddies from his class.

Maddy (Emerson in 3 years), Tyson and Isabella

Tyson's teacher let me come in on his last day and take pictures of him and his friends. It was bittersweet, they had all made him cards.....mostly saying "don't go Tyson! You are my BFF!"

and yes, I'm aware of the girl with the crossed eyes, there's always gotta be a wise one

More buddies......
COLTON! Colton is in a different class this year, but Jeri (his Mommy) was taking him home early and had to stop by Tyson's class so Colton could say "bye." I'm gonna miss those dimples and I know Tyson is gonna miss his buddy.

Sweet, sweet Mrs. Callis. It was love at first sight for Tyson. She wants Tyson to email her with pictures of his new house and she will read it to the class, they want to follow his new adventures in Oklahoma.

Last year I began parking and "walking" up to the school to pick up Tyson after school. I just didn't want to sit in the LONG line of cars. Plus I thought this would be more social. This dismissal group was known as the "walkers." These moms and I formed a bond. A bond that deepened every day after school, we would talk and visit before the kids came out and after they were dismissed, the kids would play and us "walker" moms would chit chat some more.

It was tough to say good bye to this group of ladies.

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