Friday, September 10, 2010


I wanted to title this post A New Chapter, however my husband reminded me that this is nothing if "this baby doesn't sell." Right you are hubby.

About three years ago we got a wake up call when my husband's job was being eliminated. It was surreal. It was happening all over the country. We didn't panic. We had savings and he received a generous severance package. He quickly found a job that was here, it wasn't his dream job but they promised him "big" things in the future and it was in his same field. And most importantly (at least we thought so at the time) it meant not having to move the family to another city or state. For the last few years he searched for a better job, some have been here and some have not. For various reasons none panned out. Either is wasn't the right fit, we didn't like the area, the schools weren't good enough,we had just had a baby, you name it the list could go on. Well a about a month and half ago he received a phone call. Long story shorter it was a great opportunity for Paul. After a few interviews, meetings and many discussions he accepted the job and starts Monday. We are very excited about it. Oh did I forget to mention the job is in Oklahoma? That's right, this Texas family will be moving 7 hours north.

So for now this is the prologue.......

I will let you know when the new chapter begins.

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