Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big week for Em

Last week was pretty important for my Emmy. Not only did she attend her "meet the teacher" at her Mother's Day Out, she also had her 3 year old well check visit.

Emmy grew just an inch and a half over the last year, she is a whopping 36 and a half inches tall and tipping the scales at 27.9 pounds (that's just 1.9 pounds more than last year). She is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. My little princess is also reaching all.........well, all but one of her milestones and is on target for being one smart cookie. She asked us all of the usual questions, can she balance on one foot? Can she walk up stairs? Can she stack blocks? Does she play pretend? Can she draw a stick figure with at least 2 parts? Please, she draws people with 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands and2 feet, 2 eyes, a smile, hair and if you're lucky she will stick a bow on top. What else ya got? Is she toilet trained? Ummm......not exactly, it's a work in progress. But have I mentioned she draws hair accessories on her stick figures?

Now the next piece of information is impressive, so be prepared to be impressed (well at least I was). Dr. Gonzales informed us that she only needed 1 immunization this time around and also recommended the flu shot while we were here, ya know beat the rush. After her exam I got Em dressed and the nurse came in with the little tray that most kids don't care for. I had Emmy lay down and pull her pants down so she could have access to those cute little thighs. "What are you doing Mommy? Why are you pulling my pants down?" The nurse just needs to check you legs. I know I lied.....but sometimes a Mommy has to do what a Mommy has to do. The nurse then proceeded to give Em the first injection. I was holding her hands down and had prepared myself for those lungs. But nothing, she just looked a little confused. "What is she doing Mommy?" Shots baby, you have to get one more. It will be fast, I promise. She did the next one. Nothing.......not a tear or so much as a blink. She stood up when and asked "can I have 2 stickers when we leave?" My baby girl didn't cry for her shots. This is not what I am accustomed to. My son is pretty dramatic, in fact I'm a little dramatic when it comes to needles. We cry. So this "I'm not phased " reaction is all very new to me.

weighing in

dancing in the exam room

just being her charming little self for the camera

Em also got to meet her new teachers in the Zebra room this week. Now that she is 3 she graduates from the Whale room to the Zebra room. She liked her new classroom and seems pretty excited for school. However, those potties in the bathroom threw her off a bit.
checking out some of the new toys to play with

she found her spot at the table right away and her folder

Can't wait to see how next week goes!

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