Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ready to be DONE with this.....

I can't wait to see this face again!
before the RSV

Poor little Pookiey, I brought out my camera and she just looked at me with this confused look and mumbled "cheeeeeese."
In the thick of it......no pun intended, thick mucous that is; horrible cough, high fever and labored breathing; RSV stands for Respiratory syncytial virus. Emmy was diagnosed with this lovely virus on Monday. Doctor told us all we could do was wait out the virus and "let it run it's course" and we could treat the symptoms, like Tylenol for fever and Albuterol for the breathing. Today has definitely been her worse day, as the doctor predicted the virus would peak today. It is just so hard to see your little one so sick. We have truly been blessed, my kids have been very healthy and are rarely sick. There is the occasional ear infection or seasonal cold but really nothing serious. So I really shouldn't complain, this will pass in a few days and she will be up, running and chasing Tyson around in no time.

I normally write about fun things this family does or things that are out of the ordinary. But Emmy being this sick is some what out of the ordinary. Emerson is a tough little chickie, it takes a lot to get her down. So when she just wants to lay around on the couch......I know she is not herself. I felt it was worth documenting.

****As I was typing this, Tyson came in and looked at picture of Emmy and said, "whoa......she looks mean and evil. " Sweet, loving big brother.

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  1. Poor Emmy! That picture is so pitiful! I hope this is over quickly.