Thursday, January 7, 2010

grande hot chocolate, not too hot, extra whip

What do you do in San Antonio on the coldest day on record? You sit outside in the backyard in the 24 degree (windchill) weather and wait for Daddy to get home. After you're done exploring of course. Everyday after school, Tyson gets home and puts on his camping backpack and goes "exploring" in the backyard. After being out there for about 15 minutes, he comes in and says, "Uh Mommy, can I order some hot chocolate........with whip cream....lots of whipped cream?"
Seriously?!? You want to order hot chocolate? Am I standing behind a counter with a cash register in front of me and a big sign with a menu above me? "What Mommy? Why are you looking at me like that? It's're supposed to drink hot chocolate in the cold." I was too busy with dinner to go into explaining ALL of the things wrong with the delivery of his request. Sure sir, your order will be right out.

I love sneaking some pictures when he doesn't see me. Look how old he looks. Even though I know he's inspecting the mug for an adequate amount of whipped cream.


  1. I love these! This totally sounds like something Carter would do.

  2. Oh my I miss him. What an amazing B&W shot that is. He does look & sound old. But, seriously Jill I am thinking you need to put a tip jar out in the kitchen. I'm just sayin'.